• CURRENTLY working with SUSURRUS, is new performance quartet and research project about ecological awareness by two dancer/performers, visual artist and musicians, in Premiere 2018. The work is initiated a by two female performance artists Nurmela and Australian actress, dancer and performance maker Renae Shadler in collaboration with lighting designer Kalle Ropponen a Finnish lighting designer and dramaturg based in Helsinki and musician Samuel Hertz based in Berlin. The core of the research is to investigate ecological perception through sound, movement and language. In particular we are interested in ecological perception as a way to reawaken our sensitivity to our real world surroundings including all living and nonliving matter. In premier at Supercell Festival Brisbane March 2019.

  • ARTISTS - ODE TO INVISIBLE WOMEN (2018) a dancing museum installation inspired by the life and art of women artists who contributed to the early 20th century. The project brings together dance artists, leading musicians and Turku dancers and theater enthusiasts. The initiator and collector of the project is the Turku dance artist Maria Nurmela in cooperation with the Dance School Dance Team and the Music Institute Arkipelag. The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Pharmacy Museum and the Qwensel House (Turku), the Dance School Dance Tanssitiimi and theTanssitiimin Tanssi ry and the Music Institute Arkipelag. The work offers a unique museum experience and brings together dance art professionals, leading musicians and dance enthusiasts.

  • LEVIATAN, a commisioned work by Theatre VertigoTurku (2018). Directed by Ishwar Maharaj.

  • MIDSUMMER NIGHT´S DREAM, a commisoned work by Helsinki Student Theatre (2017) An immersive and motion-inspired work in Mustikkamaa Island (Helsinki), where the viewer can choose which forest events to follow, based in the William Shakespeare´s play Midsummer Nights Dream in collaboration with Finnish director Aino Kivi. A combination of theater, dance and installation, in which Shakespeare's delicious language meets the slim-line scenery of the multi-faceted structure and subconscious side of the relationship network.

  • SARASTUKSIA (Dawnings) - inter-twining visual art, dance and music (2017) A multidisciplinary performance at the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Arts for 10 young dancers and two musicians.

    The project is carried out in collaboration with the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, the Tanssitiimi Dance School and the Tanssitiimi Dance Association. The project forms part of the official Finland 100 programme, celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence, the 50th anniversary of the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art and the 35th anniversary of the Tanssitiimi Dance School.

  • CLOSER TO THE WILD HEART (2016-) Solo choreography in collaboration with ligthing designer Kalle Ropponen and sound designer Jaako Vastapuu. The solo was premiered in the joint evening with German choreographer Urs Dietrich and his solo Thalamus at the Manifesti Festival in Turku 16.9.2016, in Manilla Theatre. Since the premier Closer to the Wild Heart has been invited to Finnish contemporary dance festivals such as Dance Current (Tampere, 2017), Winter Dances (Kokkola 2018). In 2018 the creation will be have its first international tour.

  • TOCCATA FOR TWO DANCING PIANISTS (2015-) Four handed piano duet with composer/pianist Kari Ikonen premiered 20.12. 2015 in Sibelius Museum,Turku Finland. Currently on tour.

  • PASSION-LOVE ACCORDING G.H., Kolmas Tila - 3T, Turku (Commission, 2015-) A commissioned work for a play by Brazilian novelist Clarice Lispektor by Kolmas Tila Theatre Company/director Juha Malmivaara.As well as an actress in the creation. Premiered in Turku in April 2015.

  • WOMEN IN THE WOODS (2014-), Wanderlust Company, (2014-) NY, USA A chamber opera developed by interdisciplinary collective Wanderlust.Participating in the project as well as a singer. Premier to be confirmed.

  • SCARAMOUCHE, Turku Philharmonic Orchestra, Turku (Commission 2014) A commissioned work by Turku Philharmonic Orchestra and the conductor Leif Segerstam. Premiered in Turku Music Hall in September 2014.

  • ES GIBT DA NOCH ETWAS ANDERES, Vöstra Nylands Folkhögskolan, Karjaa (Commission 2014) A commissioned work for 12 students of the Department of contemporary dance in Västra Nylandsfolkhögskolan. Premier in February 2014 in Tryckis Theatre, Karjaa, Finland.

  • THE GRAY ONE, New York (2010), Turku, Finland, 2012) An interdisciplinary work with dancer/choreographer Martin Lanz Landazuri (Mexico) and composer William Bilwa Costa (US). The Gray One was a part of the A.I.R - Program of the Movement Research New York and performed at the Judson Memorial Church in May 2010. Re-created as a co-production with The Regional Dance Center of Western Finland and Fonca-Conaculta Mexico. Premiered in Turku in February 2012.

  • RIP-LEVÄTKÖÖN RAUHASSA, Andrea O. Collective, Turku, Finland, (2011) A live installation of 9 Finnish young artist. Performed through February/April 2011 as an opening project of Takkahuone gallery at the Aboa Vetus/Ars Nova Museum in Turku. The project included as well a vast community outreach programm. See Community Outreach work. www.aboavetusarsnova.fi/en/exhibitions/andrea-o-collective-rip-rest-in-peace.

  • HOTEL NEW YORK , Turku, Finland (2007) A site specific interdisciplinary creation, co-produced by PoeticContemPlateCollective, The Regional Dance Center of Western Finland and Villa Brinkhalli Turku.


  • Tero Saarinen, Tero Saarinen Company: Le Marriage (The Finnish National Opera and Ballet 2012), Borrowed Ligth (Tero Saarinen Company, 2011)

  • Yuval Pick, Alexaders Theatre Helsinki / The University of Arts Helsinki - Theatre Academy (Fin): Le carnet de un tortoise (2007)

Passion - Love according to G.H. Third Space Theatre. 2015. Photo Robert Seger.