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Maria is teaching and performing with DuVTeatern (Helsinki) in a seminar of art and disability, in G18 Helsinki

Since the Autumn 2017 Maria is collaborating with DuVTeatern. DuvTeatern is a Helsinki based theatre company established in 1999 that consists of theatre workers with and without intellectual disabilities. The company has produced its own versions of classics such as Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, a children’s play based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and a version of Bizet’s opera Carmen in collaboration with the Finnish National Opera.

DuvTeatern strives to create an artistic work environment that enables mutuality and dialogue. The core of the work is the encounters between people with different backgrounds, from different art traditions, speaking different languages, people with and without disabilities.

Alongside with the artistic work issues concerning accessibility and equality in society and in the world of art are of central importance for DuvTeatern.

27.-28.11.2017 DuVTeatern will host a seminar about art and disability, where Maria is participating as a leader of dance workshop. She will as well perfrom with DuVTeatern in the production Yrkeskoreografi.

More info in Swedish:

Ett festligt seminarium om korsningen mellan konst, historia och intellektuell funktionsvariation.

TID: 28 - 29 november 2017

PLATS: G18, Georgsgatan 18, Helsingfors

Vi välkomnar dig till två dagar fyllda av föreställningar, föreläsningar, verkstäder, diskussioner och fest! Seminariet riktar sig till alla intresserade, med och utan funktionsnedsättning.

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11:00 AM11:00

Workshop and a start for a collaboration with choreographer Theo Clinkard n Tampere (Finland)

Maria is starting a new international collaboration with the internationally known choreographer and stage designer Theo Clinkard, dancer Ville Oinonen and producer Inari Pesonen. The crew is prepairing for a new creation, in premier in December 2018. As a start Theo will lead a wokshop for professionals dancers in Tampere, Finland.

WHEN: 7.12.2017. 12am - 5pm (5hours)
PLACE: Tampereen Konservatorio, Pyynikin Trikoo, Pyhäranta 7 A, Tampere
Treenit ry.

More info:

Choreographer and stage designer, Theo Clinkard, will lead a one day workshop that draws upon his his body of choreographic work and gives an insight into the various creative processes that have brought these works to life. Theo’s practice centres around the communicative potential of the body and the empathetic nature of dance in performance. He regularly creates work for his company of twelve dancers and has recently premiered commissioned dance works for ‘Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch’ and ‘Danza Contemporanea de Cuba’. After the workshop

The day will start with a 2 hour class that begins with simple exercises that aim to develop awareness and connection within the body, alongside perception games that explore participants relationship to each other and to the space they inhabit. Through a balance of improvised movement generation and learnt movement patterns his class is then devised to challenge dancers coordination and help them find greater clarity in articulation. He finishes up with phrase work that encourages playful, present and expansive dancing.

Following class, Theo will lead a 3 hour session where participants are invited to put into action, observe and discuss some of the ideas that lie at the heart of his current choreographic work.
Theo’s dance works avoid explicit narrative or biography, yet they always attempt to bring the ‘person’ doing the action to the fore. His workshops are geared around finding ways in which performers can practice being available to be seen through vividly experiencing and revealing the moment they are physically engaged in. Through dancing in pairs and in larger groups, he will use exploratory and creative tasks that engage touch and sight to encourage a heightened physical awareness and vivid presence in motion. These universal techniques and ideas are intended to enrich participants own practises whether they are performers, dance makers or teachers.

Following twenty years performing in work by many of the UK’s most celebrated dance makers, Brighton based choreographer, performer and stage designer, Theo Clinkard has swiftly built an international reputation for creating compelling and visually arresting dance works.
In 2012, he launched his own company and has subsequently toured his work extensively across the UK and internationally (Chile, Switzerland, Germany), receiving critical and audience acclaim as well as invites to present at the prestigious British Dance Edition (Edinburgh and Cardiff) and at Internationale Tanzmesse NRW 2016 in Dusseldorf. Past company works include Hell Bent (2012), Ordinary Courage (2012), Of Land & Tongue (2014) and Chalk (2014). This Bright Field (2017), Theo’s latest company work for twelve international performers, premiered at Brighton Festival in May this year and is now touring.
Theo has also undertaken a range of high profile international commissions including Somewhat still when seen from above (2015) for Tanztheatre Wuppertal Pina Bausch, which was presented as part of their historic first evening of work since the legendary choreographer died in 2009, and The Listening Room (2016) for Danza Contemporanea de Cuba which toured across the UK in Spring 2017.
He has premiered 26 original dances to date, many of them created for training institutions and youth companies in England, Austria, Chile, Ireland, Wales and New Zealand.

Clinkard is an Associate Artist at Brighton Dome, Dance4 and Greenwich Dance.

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to Oct 23

Open DanceSPACE: performance + talk // RESONANCES //

On Sunday, October 22, 4 pm @ TantsuRUUM (Eesti Tantsuagentuur, Hobujaama 12)

Open DanceSPACE: performance + talk // RESONANCES //

During past week I have participated again to a beautiful body of work with Florence Augendre, whos work I am following since 2016.
You are very welcome to reflect on and talk about a live movement and sound performance, that sums up movement research masterclass by Florence Augendre “RESONANCES through parallel lives”. The open session is an extract of the week long process with Florence.

The masterclass (16,10. - 22.10. 2017) was designed for performance arts professionals, to research and articulate their own movement and body language, collectively and individually, guided by Florence Augendre proposed methodology, artistic practices and the theme of the ‘resonance of the living’. (More info about the Masterclass:
The audience can experience the performance as dialogue that transcends beyond the physical and conceptual space.

Participating performers: Maria Nurmela, Arolin Raudva, Nele Suisalu, Joanna Kalm, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Jaanika Arum, Maarja Tõnisson, Karolin Poska, Liis Vares, Rauno Zubko, Sophia Andreyev and Hello Killu (Hello Upan, Killu Sukmit)

After the performance an open talk with Florence Augendre takes place, asserting the topics of the backgrounds of the movement research laboratory, her own somatic and movement practices and performance art within the wider cultural and artistic sphere. The talk will be held in english.Florence Augendre (FR/BE) is an independent choreographic artist, author, researcher and performer who has developed her work in various artistic fields such as theater, cinema, contemporary dance, opera and visual fine-arts. She completed her education in Body-Mind Centering(R) as a certificated practitioner of Fasciapulsology (IFCC-Christian Carini), and has been studying with Catherine Shainberg (School of Images, Saphire™) for the last four years.
She has collaborated with various artists, among them Wim Vandekeybus, Meg Stuart, David Hernandez, Austrian- German group Labor GRAS, Johanne Saunier/Jim Clayburgh, Brice Leroux, Lance Gries (N.Y.), Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Label Cedana, Olga de Soto, Fabrice Ramalingom, Félicette Chazerand, Koen Augustijnen, Les Ballets C de la B, Michèle Noiret, François Brice, Quanta Art, collective Les Inéluctables, Belgium team documentary collective IDOCDE, Emanuela Iacopini. For the last four years, Florence is closely collaborating with Slovenian artist and PhD.philosopher Mala Kline and Croatian performer Adriana Josipovic.She teaches in various organizations and institutions throughout Europe and continues to broadcast various artistic collaborations.

DanceSPACE – TantsuRUUM – is an environment and meeting place for local and international dance professionals. It is a collaboration and development platform launched by the Estonian Dance Agency in cooperation with the Estonian Dance Arts and Dance Education Union. The new studio is open from this autumn at the Estonian Dance Agency in Tallinn, Hobujaama 12.
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital and Eesti Kultuuriministeerium.

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7:00 PM19:00

Closer to the Wild Heart returns to Manifesti Festival (Turku) because of the popular demand!

Closer to the Wild Heart -solo performance draws a portrait of a woman between reality and fiction. The work examines themes such as invisibility and self-reinvention. As an installation-like performance it consists fleeting moments which begin and finish without a preposition of the finality.

Closer to the Wild Heart is a research project and a performance where contemporary dance, set/light design and sound design are brought in a dialogue. The project was launched by choreographer Maria Nurmela, sound designer Jaakko Vastapuu and set/light designer Kalle Ropponen and premiered in Manifesti Factory Festival in Turku in September 2016 in a joint event with German choreographer Urs Dietrich´s autobiographical solo Thalamus.

Closer to the Wild Heart lends its name from the novel Near to the Wild Heart by a Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, without being a reconstruction of it. Lispector's existential prose has given the initial spark for the crew; for their working methods as well as for their expressive and aesthetic aims. Inspired by Lispector the crew sought for dramaturgical and visual language – relentless minimalism and pure, infinite aesthetics. Also the crew aimed for detaching the work as much as possible from the theatrical apparatus and illusion to reach a certain honesty.

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5:30 PM17:30

Workshop Lähellä villiä sydäntä in Dance School Tanssitiimi, Turku

Workshop KAIKILLE !
Maria Nurmela

Maria Nurmelan työpajassa nykytanssia lähestytään erilaisten improvisaatioiden ja liikkeellisten tehtävien kautta. Liiketehtävät johdattavat osallistujia tarkastelemaan hänen sooloteoksensa Lähempänä villiä sydäntä teemoja. Tanssija Maria Nurmela jakaa osallistujien kanssa koreografisia metodejaan ja ohjaa osallistujat etsimään omia koreografisia teemoja kokemuksellisten tehtävien ja mielikuvien kautta. Harjoitusten avulla tutkitaan miten yksityistä intiimiä olemista, itsensä uudelleenlöytämistä voi jakaa ja kuinka voi ammentaa voimansa taiteilijanaisista, jotka avaavat ja
sulkevat oman elämänsä ympyröitä yhä uudelleen, ja jättävät jälkeensä voimakkaita kuvia, mutta myös kysymyksen
oliko heitä todella olemassa…

Workshop perjantaina 15.9. klo 17.30-20.30, yht. 3h
Paikka: Tanssikoulu Tanssitiimi
Kurssimaksu on 27€ ja se suoritetaan käteisellä (Tanssitiimin yhdistyksen jäsenet 25€)

Kurssipaikat täytetään ilmoittautumisjärjestyksessä. Kurssin toteutuminen edellyttää vähintään 8 osallistujaa.

Ilmoittautuminen 11.9. mennessä:
Lähempänä villiä sydäntä esitys on lauantaina 16.9. klo 19.00
23. tehdasfestivaali Manifesti Manillassa
(Itäinen Rantakatu 64, 20810 Turku)

Oppilaat tekevät omat lippuvarauksensa 25/23/15€.
Verkkoliput maksutta:
Koreografia ja ohjaus: Maria Nurmela.
Valosuunnittelu Kalle Ropponen.
Äänisuunnittelu: Jaakko Vastapuu.

Lähempänä villiä sydäntä on Maria Nurmelan ensimmäinen sooloteos. Teos piirtää muotokuvan ajatuksiaan aukikerivästä naisesta todellisuuden ja fiktiivisen rajamailla.

Maria Nurmela on työskennellyt nykytanssin kentällä vuodesta 2000 useiden kansainvälisten koreografien kanssa. Maria on tuottanut myös omia koreografioita ja opettanut useissa eri oppilaitoksissa. Pitkäaikaisin yhteistyökumppani on ollut Tero Saarinen Company. Maria on valmistunut tanssijaksi Suomen Kansallisoopperan balettikoulusta (1997) ja Folkwang Universitet:sta (2002) ja tanssitaiteen maisteriksi Taideylipiston Teatterirkorkeakoulusta (2007).
Katso tarkempi kuvaus: / New Events!

Tanssikoulu Tanssitiimi, Saara Nurmi/ Valokuvanäyttely,
23. Manifesti Tehdasfestivaali

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7:00 PM19:00

Susanne Linke´s beautiful choreography Vaellus - Auf der Wanderung with Kamus Quartet, in Our Festival Espoo.

Konsertin aluksi kuullaan maailman tämän hetken kysytyimpiin säveltäjiin kuuluvan Bryce Dessnerin jykevä Aheym, minkä jälkeen Vaelluksen tunnelmiin johdattelee Peltoniemen Hintriikin surumarssi.

Bryce Dessner: Aheym
Aulis Sallinen: Jousikvartetto nro 3 op. 19 ”Aspekteja Peltoniemen Hintrikin surumarssista”


Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung.

Suomalais-saksalainen yhteistyö Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung sai ensiesityksensä Turun Musiikkijuhlillla 2012 ja on sittemmin herättänyt kansallista ja kansainvälistä huomiota. Vaellus-teos yhdistää Franz Schubertin (1797–1828) mestarillisen jousikvarteton nro 14 d-molli ”Tyttö ja kuolema”, saksalaisen tanssiteatterin uranuurtajan Susanne Linken (1944–) duettokoreografian kahdelle nykytanssijalle sekä ympäröivän arkkitehtuurin kertomukset. Teos luo visuaalisella ja auditiivisella kauneudellaan tilan hiljentymiselle ja läsnäololle

Teemu Kyytinen, tanssi
Maria Nurmela, tanssi

Teoksen konsepti ja idea: Laura Kokko, Maria Nurmela
Musiikki: Franz Schubert: Jousikvartetto nro 14 d-molli D810 “Tyttö ja kuolema”
Koreografia: Susanne Linke

Puvustus: Marjo Haapasalo / Ateljee Minne
Tekniikka ja valosuunnittelu: Timo Ollila
Kantaesitys: Turun Musiikkijuhlilla 11.8.-12.8.2012, Ylösnousemuskappeli, Vanha Hautausmaa, Turku

Yhteistyössä: Espoon kaupungin kulttuurin tulosyksikkö

Konsertti päättyy noin klo 20.30, sis. väliaika.
Liput alk. 27,50 / 22,50 € (sis. palvelumaksu) Lippupisteestä ja tuntia ennen ovelta.

Lipunmyynti alkaa keskiviikkona 23.8.2017.


Meidän Festivaali toteuttaa syksyllä 2017 Hiljaisuuden rikkominen -kiertuehankkeen, jonka tavoitteena on tunnistaa Suomen taidetarjonnan hiljaisuuden maantiede, tehdä se näkyväksi ja tarjota eri alueiden ihmisille mahdollisuus korkeatasoisiin taide-elämyksiin. Meidän Festivaali järjestää syksyllä 2017 yhteensä kolme kiertuetta, joilla jokaisella on oma taiteellinen suunnittelijansa. Ensimmäinen, Kamus-kvartetin suunnittelema, kiertuekokonaisuus toteutuu 11.-17.9.2017 Uudellamaalla.


Our Festival (in Finnish: Meidän Festivaali) is renowned for its fresh approach to the arts and its crossover events. Bold, open-minded and socially aware it was first held in 1997 as Chamber Music by Lake Tuusula and is now an annual event. The shores of Lake Tuusula provide the backdrop for a unique journey into Finland’s rich cultural history. For it is here that Jean Sibelius, Pekka Halonen and other artists once made their homes. The event was renamed Our Festival in 2010. Under its Artistic Director Pekka Kuusisto, it seeks new perspectives on musical encounters and concert practices, with a view to giving the audience an experience that is simply not available elsewhere. Combining a unique group of musicians, designers and artists from Finland and abroad, the festival is a celebration of creativity and communication in the arts. Our Festival has been recognized with awards such as the accolade of Festival of the Year in 2011 by Finland Festivals and Finland’s State Prize for Music in year 2013. Our Festival is organised by the Järvenpää Sibelius Society.

Our Festival is gentle. It lives in these beautiful little places, in living rooms, on lakes, in forests, and wants to whisper some exciting things into your ears. We’ll be sharing a secret. Our Festival wants to invent new flexible forms for concerts, where the message is more important than dress codes or good behaviour.
– Pekka Kuusisto


Photo by Seilo Ristimäki. 2012.

Photo by Seilo Ristimäki. 2012.

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to Sep 13

Speaking + Dancing + Sensing Within, workshop with Renae Shadler in Betonest.

08.09-10.09 Speaking + Dancing + Sensing Within,

Renae Shadeler and Maria Nurmela 70-90€

In ‘Speaking + Dancing + Sensing Within’ we will explore language, movement and somatics in dialogue with the dream-state as a way to create a notable, sensual experience of being “part of”, within. Each day will begin with a voice and movement practice, followed by imaginative explorations into the dream state. Together we will move, write, speak and perform in relation to our surrounding environment and one-another, reawakening our sensitivity to our real world surroundings and in particular the industrial and natural landscapes of betOnest.

betOnest is a new artist residency in Germany located in a former cement factory in the village of Stolpe/Oder.    It is rural, raw and epic. A pre-post apocalypse haven for aspiring artists.

Maria and Renae working at the Dansometré Residency in Vevey, May 2017.

Maria and Renae working at the Dansometré Residency in Vevey, May 2017.

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to Aug 19

The Midsummer Night´s Dream by William Shakespeare, at Mustikkamaa, Helsinki

– Onko varmaa, että valvomme?

Sukella Mustikkamaan metsään. Löydä puiden siimekseen piiloutuva neliödraama. Seuraa polkua, ihastele ilkikurisia maahisia rannassa, kuuntele viulunsoittajan sävelmää, seuraa aasinpäistä miestä. Kihlapari loikoilee mättäällä, mutta morsian karkaa toisen luo. Eksy polulta, sotkeennu keijukaisten kuningattaren helmoihin. Osallistu hääjuhlaan, jossa uni, valve ja ihmissuhteet sekoittuvat juovuttavaksi kudelmaksi.

Kesäyön uni on immersiivinen ja liikkeellinen teos, jossa katsoja saa valita, mitä metsän tapahtumia seuraa. Teatteria, tanssia ja installaatiota yhdistelevä esitys tarjoaa vavahduttavan kesäyön kokemuksen, jossa Shakespearen herkullinen kieli kohtaa suhdeverkoston monisyisen rakenteen ja alitajunnan puolelle liukuvia näyttämökuvia.

Klassikkokomedia muotoutuu ylioppilasteatterilaisten käsissä tulkinnaksi, jossa seikkaillaan yhtä aikaa sekä nykypäivässä että antiikin Kreikassa – ja kirjoitetaan suomalaisen rakkauden satavuotisnäytelmää.

Kesäyön uni on panseksuaalinen, polyamorinen ja amoraalinen metsikkö, jota et unohda.

Esitykset Mustikkamaalla:
ke 12.7. / pe 14.7. / la 15.7. klo 15 ja 19 / pe 21.7. / la 22.7. / su 23.7. / ti 25.7. / to 27.7. / pe 28.7. / la 29.7. / ma 31.7. / ke 2.8 / to 3.8. / pe 4.8. klo 18 ja yönäytös klo 22 / su 6.8. / ma 7.8. / ke 9.8. / to 10.8. / ti 15.8. / pe 16.8. / to 17.8. / la 19.8. klo 18 ja yönäytös klo 22.

Esitykset klo 19, jos ei muuten mainita.
Huom! Esityskaudella nähdään kaksi yönäytöstä, joissa yleisö saa kokea kesäyön taian entistäkin intensiivisempänä.

Linkki lippukauppaan...

OHJAUS Aino Kivi
ALKUPERÄISTEOS William Shakespeare

METSÄSSÄ Niko Hallikainen, Minna Helkiö, Samuli Hokkanen, Juhana Hurme, Miia Junes, Elena Kantinkoski, Mikael Karkkonen, Milla Kaitalahti, Deniz Kaya, Pauliina Kietäväinen, Reetta Koivukoski, Minna Koponen, Elisa Luukkainen, Isla Mustanoja, Henna Mäki-Filppula, Ilana Palmgren, Senja Rajalin, Milka Rasimus, Hilkka Saarela, Miika Suonperä, Vilma Tuomi, Senna Vodzogbe

LAVASTUS Niko Hallikainen ja Veera Konsti
OMPELIJAT Kati Lätti ja Susanna Pollari
SÄVELLYKSET, ÄÄNISUUNNITTELU Saku Nurmiranta, Sampo Korrensalo, Christopher Helle, Joonas Vainiola
OHJAUS- JA TEKSTIASSISTENTIT: Onerva Helne, Pauli Patinen, Anna Estola
VALOKUVAT Niko Hallikainen
TUOTANTO Heidi Yli-Yrjänäinen, Aliisa Rinne, Topi Patjas, Suvi Ahoniemi

Osallistu tapahtumaan Facebookissa

Seuraa Instagramissa


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8:00 PM20:00

Susanne Linke: VAELLUS - Auf der Wanderung in Lutherstadt Wittenberg, at the World Reformation Exhibition.

Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung, ein ortsspezifisches Gesamtkunstwerk im Bereich moderner Tanz und Musik, wird als Teil des finnischen Programms am 1.7.2017 bei der Weltausstellung Reformation in Wittenberg gezeigt.

Die Uraufführung der finnisch-deutschen Koproduktion Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung fand 2012 bei den Musikfestspielen Turku statt und hat danach nationales wie internationales Interesse hervorgerufen. Das Werk vereint Franz Schuberts (1797-1828) meisterhaftes Streichquartett Nr. 14 d-Moll Der Tod und das Mädchen mit einer Choreografie für zwei moderne Tänzer von Susanne Linke (*1944) sowie mit Erzählungen, die das architektonische Umfeld schafft. Aufgeführt wird das Werk vom finnischen Aratro-Streichquartett, das aus Ilana Gothoni und Marjaana Holma (Violine), Helena Nissi (Viola) und Andreas Helling (Cello) besteht, sowie von den Tänzern Maria Nurmela und Teemu Kyytinen. In seiner visuellen und klanglichen Schönheit bietet das Werk Raum für Stille und Präsenz.  

Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung wird während der Weltausstellung Reformation in Wittenberg am 1.7.2017 um 20.00 Uhr in der Exerzierhalle aufgeführt. Die Veranstaltung ist Teil des dreitägigen Programms (1.-3.7.2017) der evangelisch-lutherischen Kirche Finnlands und der Stadt Turku.

Vaellus – Auf der Wanderung auf der Weltausstellung Reformation in Wittenberg ist ein würdevoller und klassischer Beitrag zu den Reformationsfeierlichkeiten sowie zum hundertjährigen Jubiläum der Unabhängigkeit Finnlands. Das Werk ist die bisher einzige für eine finnische Gruppe kreierte Uraufführung der Choreografin Susanne Linke, die die internationale Geschichte des modernen Tanzes maßgeblich beeinflusst hat. Das Stück wurde nach der Uraufführung bei den Musikfestspielen Turku 2012 auch im Rahmen der Frankfurter Buchmesse 2014 im FinnlandCOOL-Programm des finnischen Gastlandauftritts gezeigt.  

Konzept und Idee: Laura Kokko, Maria Nurmela
Musik: Franz Schubert, Streichquartett Nr. 14 d-Moll „Der Tod und das Mädchen“
Choreografie: Susanne Linke

Aratro Quartet: Ilana Gothoni und Marjaana Holma, Violine; Helena Nissi, Viola; Andreas Helling, Cello
Teemu Kyytinen, Maria Nurmela, Tanz

Kostüm: Marjo Haapasalo/ Ateljee Minne
Technik/ Licht: Timo Ollila
Dauer: 45–50 Minuten
Uraufführung: Musikfestspiele Turku 11.8.-12.8.2012 , Auferstehungskapelle auf dem
alten Friedhof, Turku

Die Aufführung in Wittenberg wird von der Stadt Turku, dem Regionalen Tanzzentrum West-Finnland, den Musikfestspielen Turku und dem Projekt Reformation in Turku unterstützt.

Frühere Kooperationspartner: Musikfestspiele Turku, Regionales Tanzzentrum West-Finnland, Bryggman-Institut, Goethe-Institut Finnland, Stiftung Turku 2011, TOP-Stiftung, Stiftung des Hl. Heinrich von Uppsala, FILI, Regionalfonds Varsinais-Suomi, Arts Council of Finland, Botschaft von Finnland in Berlin, Tanzinformationszentrum Finnland, Buchmesse Frankfurt.




Photo by Seilo Ristimäki. 2012.

Photo by Seilo Ristimäki. 2012.

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to Jun 15

Senioreiden jatkokurssi / Workshop for senior dancers, Zodiak - Center for New Dance


Maria Nurmelan ohjaamalla kurssilla työskennellään oman kehon liikepotentiaaleista ammentaen. Lähdemme liikkeelle kuunnellen hengitystä, liikkeen virtaavuutta ja hahmottaen kehomme potentiaaleja, kuten kinesteettisiä ketjuja ja oman liikkeen mahdollisuuksia.

Työskentelyssä on myös moniaistinen ote: erilaiset improvisaatiotehtävät voivat olla liike-, musiikki-, teksti- tai draamalähtöisiä. Liike voi muuntautua tekstiksi, kuviksi, ääneksi tai toisinpäin.

Millaisia harmonisia ja tanssillisia muunnelmia ja variaatiota - kenties myös miniatyyriteoksia - aistimuksista, kokemuksista, kuljetuista reiteistä, sattumuksista ja mahdollisuuksista voikaan syntyä näiden neljän päivän aikana? Liikkeen herättämien kokemusten ja muistojenkin kautta työskentelyyn saa tulla omaelämäkerrallinen sävy.

Maanantaista torstaihin klo 10-13.30, 12.-15.6.
Ohjaaja: Maria Nurmela
Paikka: Zodiak Studio C4
Kesto: 4 krt / 14 h
Hinta: 90 €
Ilmoittautuminen 28.5. mennessä.
Mahdolliset peruutukset 2.6. mennessä.




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6:30 PM18:30

Open rehearsal of the collaboration with Australian choreograper Renae Shadler at Dansomètre, Vevey (CH)

Together, we are questioning our ideas and values of performance, whilst aiming to develop more sustainable and ecological ways to present new work for theatre.

During 2 weeks time in May 2017 me and Australian choreographer/performer Renae Chadler Renae Shadler have been researching and creating together for our future project at Dansometrés´ choreographic residency.

Our residency will end with an open showing 1st of June, 18.30hr-20hr at Dansomètre, Avenue de Corsier 19, 1800 Vevey.

During the evening, Maria and Renae will perform excerpts of their solo works, 'RESTORE' by Renae and 'Closer to the Wild Heart' by Maria, revisiting their choreographic scores and embodying each others material to create a new collaborative dialogue and intermingling of practice. Drawing on theatre, dance and installation, we will build a laboratory with the audience, inviting them to share with us and inform this intimate space. The showing will be followed by a discussion.

More info about Renae:


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7:00 PM19:00

Solo Closer in to the Wild Heart at Tanssivirtaa Tampereella Festival 18.5.2017.

Closer to the Wild Heart -solo performance draws a portrait of a woman between reality and fiction. The work examines themes such as invisibility and self-reinvention. As an installation-like performance it consists fleeting moments which begin and finish without a preposition of the finality.

Closer to the Wild Heart is a research project and a performance where contemporary dance, set/light design and sound design are brought in a dialogue. The project was launched by choreographer Maria Nurmela, sound designer Jaakko Vastapuu and set/light designer Kalle Ropponen and premiered in Manifesti Factory Festival in Turku in September 2016 in a joint event with German choreographer Urs Dietrich´s autobiographical solo Thalamus. The two solo´s by Dietrich and Nurmela formed an interesting evening, where Closer to the Wild Heart by Nurmela functioned as a "feminine counterpart" for Dietrich´s solo based on more masculine understanding of life.

Closer to the Wild Heart lends its name from the novel Near to the Wild Heart by a Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, without being a reconstruction of it. Lispector's existential prose has given the initial spark for the crew; for their working methods as well as for their expressive and aesthetic aims. Inspired by Lispector the crew sought for dramaturgical and visual language – relentless minimalism and pure, infinite aesthetics. Also the crew aimed for detaching the work as much as possible from the theatrical apparatus and illusion to reach a certain honesty.

In Tanssivirtaa Festival the Solo will be performed on Hällä Stage in Tampere.

Photo by Kalle Ropponen 2016.

Photo by Kalle Ropponen 2016.

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to May 13

Performing Tero Saarinen´s Kullervo in the Finnish National Ballet and Opera.

Performing the work Kullervo by the choreographer Tero Saarinen at the Finnish National Opera and Ballet. KULLERVO isa symphonic poem by Jean Sibelius, written for chorus and orchestra and first performed in Helsinki in 1892. KULLERVO describes the tragic tale of Finland’s mythic hero. Kullervo is a collaboration of Tero Saarinen Company and Finnish National Ballet.

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1:00 PM13:00

Sarastuksia (Dawnings) extra two performance because of popular demand!

Because of popular demand Sarastuksia returns to the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art for two extra performances on Sunday 26th of March!

The two performances at 1pm and 4pmare sold out by now as well. But, please ask cancelled tickets from the box office of the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art.

Photo by Robert Seger. In photo a dancer Nea Vuorinen. 2017.

Photo by Robert Seger. In photo a dancer Nea Vuorinen. 2017.

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to Mar 6

Sarastuksia (Dawnings) in Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art

Sarastuksia (Dawnings)
- intertwining visual art, dance and music; a dancing museum tour
Sat 25/2 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Sun 26/2 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.
Sat 4/3 at 2 p.m. and 4 p.m. Sun 5/3 at 1 p.m. and 4 p.m.

Dawnings draws its inspiration from the art and life of Finnish sculptor Wäinö Aaltonen, taking as a starting point his sculptures, paintings and prints - their aesthetics, forms, narrative qualities and feelings - as well as Aaltonen’s personal letters to his sisters. Through dance and theatre, the piece takes us on a journey into Wäinö's life and art. The music of the performance includes both improvisation and composed works by Giacinto Scelsi, John Adams among others (cello/piano).
This project brings together dance professionals, musicians and avid dance and theatre students from Turku, and was initiated and put together by choreographer Maria Nurmela, in collaboration with the Tanssitiimi Dance School. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, the Tanssitiimi Dance School and the Tanssitiimi Dance Association. The project forms part of the official Finland100 programme, celebrating the centenary of Finland’s independence, the 50th anniversary of the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art and the 35th anniversary of the Tanssitiimi Dance School.

Concept, choreography, direction                                                        Maria Nurmela / Tanssitiimi Dance School                                        Script Kirsti Nurmela, Ritva Bergström                                              Textbased on Wäinö Aaltonen’s letters
Music Emil Holmström (25/2 - 26/2 Juho Kanervo (4/3 - 5/3)
Choreographer’s assistant Anna Lemberg (Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland)                                                                                Costumes Inkeri Kanninen

Performers Pietari Kärki, Anna Lemberg (Regional Dance Centre of Western Finland)
Tanssitiimi Dance School students: Aiste Ivanauskaite, Martta Lahtinen, Lotta Lempinen, Evi Oivanen, Eero-Heikki Puustinen, Ulriikka Pyykkönen, Merimari Seppänen, Nea Vuorinen

Production Maria Nurmela, Tanssitiimi Dance School / Tanssitiimi Dance Association, Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Finland100 programme

Supporters Finland 100 programme, the City of Turku, the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art, Regional Dance Center of Western Finland                                                                           

Photos Merja Isokoski (photo of Evi Oivanen)
Duration 60 min Performance language Finnish

The Tanssitiimi Dance School is a private dance school providing basic education in dance art, founded in 1982. On December 17th 2014, the Cultural Committee of the City of Turku approved Tanssitiimi's new syllabi for basic education in the arts. The school has been providing basic education in the arts since 1994. The Tanssitiimi Dance School and the Tanssitiimi Dance Association operate in close alliance, supporting and complementing each other. The Tanssitiimi Dance School offers children, teenagers and adults the opportunity to practise and study different dance styles with the guidance of professional educators and artists. The school's objectives are to encourage interest in dance, to organize high-quality performances and to help maintain a diverse cultural offer and arts education in Turku.
For over thirty years, Tanssitiimi has put on student performances in a theatre, with the students of different dance styles taking turns in performing and enjoying the public's encouragement. The school's students have taken part in various cultural events in the city of Turku, as well as dance competitions, festivals and community dance shows. Performances form an important part of Tanssitiimi's arts education programme, with visible emphasis on the professional quality of their organization. In addition to choreography and direction, costumes, set design, lighting, music and publicity design are also given great attention. The skilful combination of all these elements has made it possible to produce top-quality student performances. In the spring of 2017, Tanssitiimi celebrates its 35th anniversary. Many of the school's former students are now working as professionals in the cultural sector or still dancing on a regular basis.


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7:00 PM19:00

Toccata - for two dancing pianists, at Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen, Turku (Finland)

After a succesfull performance at the 14th Lonely in the Rain Festival in November 2016, we are happy to be continuing our research of movement and music.

Toccata will be performed as a part of the concert series of Museum of Wäinö Aaltonen in Turku!


Picture by Tomi Paasonen, Lonely in the Rain - Festival, Jyväskylä City Theatre. 2016.

Picture by Tomi Paasonen, Lonely in the Rain - Festival, Jyväskylä City Theatre. 2016.

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1:00 PM13:00

Sarastuksia (premiered February 25th 2017) at the opening of Wäinö Aaltonen museum, Turku

I am creating a site specific work Sarastuksia "Dawnings" in tight collaboration with the Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in Turku, for the 50 years Anniversary exhibition of the Museum and the Turku born Artist Wäinö Aaltonen. The work will be produced in collaboration with the Wäinö Aaltonen museum, Dance School Tanssitiimi and within the official programm of Suomi100, Finlands 100th Anniversary year. I am creating the work for 10 young dancers and dance students of Tanssitkoulu Tanssitiimi Turku.

12th of January parts of the coming creation will be performed at the opening of the exhibition!

More details soon about the porject.

Photo by Merja Isokoski.

Photo by Merja Isokoski.

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6:30 PM18:30

Toccata - for two dancing pianist at the Lonely in the Rain - festival at the Joensuu Cit Theatre.

We are very happy to be performing in the Lonely in the Rain - festival in Joensuu City Theatre.

The 14th edition of the Lonely in the Rain? – festival for contemporary dance, performance and improvisation, presents a selection of new trends within the performing arts in Outokumpu and Joensuu, Finland.  

" The festival program focuses on discovering new forms by building bridges between entities, that at first glance seem entirely separate. How does the past, whether it’s personal or historical, influence the present and shape our identity and worldview? What similarities and contrasts do we discover when connecting remote locations far away from each other? What surprising expressions ensue by cross-pollinating rural traditions, folklore, shamanism with contemporary dance and patriarchal militarism? How does one blend the simultaneous playing of an instrument and dancing? What does popular culture and pornography tell us about objectification of women in society,

In this way, Lonely in the Rain? - festival 2016 continues its quest to examine the development of new currents in contemporary dance, as a cross-disciplinary art form, which shapes are born in the spirit of the time and which expressions are formulated by the pressure of living in this world and fuelled by current circumstances "
- Tomi Paasonen, Lonely in the Rain? festival curator

Photo by Merja Isokoski 2016.

Photo by Merja Isokoski 2016.

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to Oct 2

Improvisationes Intermediaes - Workshop at the Zodiak - Center for New Dance

Improvisationes Intermediaes – Dance and Music Variations in Space

Motion, musical harmony, pulse; situations, reactions, coincidence and interaction,
Choreographing and composing our bodies and the space they inhabit over and over again.
What kinds of dramatic, harmonic and danceable versions and variations – even miniature works, perhaps? – the sensations, the experiences, the paths travelled, the incidents and the possibilities evoke over the three days?

I am leading a workshop for dancers and non-dancers wich explores the potential opened by dialogue between movement and music – in this case live violin and cello music.

Course activities are based on improvisation and composition assignments, which may take movement, music, text or drama as the starting point. We throw ourselves into the world of music and motion and explore and feel rhythms, pulses and harmonies within our bodies – but also probe distances, proximities and shapes in the space we inhabit and within the group. The course uses improvised music born in the moment, often inspired by the movement of the dancer.

An exploratory and attentive frame of mind is applied to improve the participants' understanding of their own bodies and the range of their movements, to make their movements stronger, easier and more authentic, and to learn to experience music through more than one sense. The impressions and memories evoked by the music and the motions bring an autobiographical level to the course activities.

Live musical accompaniment is provided by musicians Laura Kokko and Juho Kanervo. The instructor and the musicians have collaborated previously in the workgroup that created the multi-disciplinary performance R.I.P. – Rest in Peace. All three are interested in working in the area between different forms of art and exploring styles, genres and combinations.

Musician Laura Kokko has worked as a violinist in the Lahti Symphony Orchestra since 2005. She has also performed actively as a chamber musician (in Turku Music Festival, Katrina kammarmusik, Klang, Sinfonia Lahti Chamber Ensemble and others) and worked as the artistic director of the Volter Kilpi Literary Festival (2010–2013). Kokko studies philosophy and literature in the University of Turku and the baroque violin in the Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Juho Kanervo is a cellist and electric bass player originally from Juankoski. He studies music pedagogy in the Sibelius Academy and works as a music instructor and freelance musician (Saimaa, Laura Närhi, Yona, Sagolik, Pepe Willberg). His aim is to focus on the moment and the dialogue with the other musician as well as space and time through his music. Classical music, jazz and free improvisation are closest to his heart, but he enjoys all kinds of music and art without genre restrictions.

Friday 30 September at 18-20.30
Saturday 1 October at 10-14
Sunday 2 October at 10-14
Availability is limited, so sign up in time.

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