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Toccata - for two dancing pianist at the Lonely in the Rain - festival at the Joensuu Cit Theatre.

We are very happy to be performing in the Lonely in the Rain - festival in Joensuu City Theatre.

The 14th edition of the Lonely in the Rain? – festival for contemporary dance, performance and improvisation, presents a selection of new trends within the performing arts in Outokumpu and Joensuu, Finland.  

" The festival program focuses on discovering new forms by building bridges between entities, that at first glance seem entirely separate. How does the past, whether it’s personal or historical, influence the present and shape our identity and worldview? What similarities and contrasts do we discover when connecting remote locations far away from each other? What surprising expressions ensue by cross-pollinating rural traditions, folklore, shamanism with contemporary dance and patriarchal militarism? How does one blend the simultaneous playing of an instrument and dancing? What does popular culture and pornography tell us about objectification of women in society,

In this way, Lonely in the Rain? - festival 2016 continues its quest to examine the development of new currents in contemporary dance, as a cross-disciplinary art form, which shapes are born in the spirit of the time and which expressions are formulated by the pressure of living in this world and fuelled by current circumstances "
- Tomi Paasonen, Lonely in the Rain? festival curator

Photo by Merja Isokoski 2016.

Photo by Merja Isokoski 2016.