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Improvisationes Intermediaes - Workshop at the Zodiak - Center for New Dance

Improvisationes Intermediaes – Dance and Music Variations in Space

Motion, musical harmony, pulse; situations, reactions, coincidence and interaction,
Choreographing and composing our bodies and the space they inhabit over and over again.
What kinds of dramatic, harmonic and danceable versions and variations – even miniature works, perhaps? – the sensations, the experiences, the paths travelled, the incidents and the possibilities evoke over the three days?

I am leading a workshop for dancers and non-dancers wich explores the potential opened by dialogue between movement and music – in this case live violin and cello music.

Course activities are based on improvisation and composition assignments, which may take movement, music, text or drama as the starting point. We throw ourselves into the world of music and motion and explore and feel rhythms, pulses and harmonies within our bodies – but also probe distances, proximities and shapes in the space we inhabit and within the group. The course uses improvised music born in the moment, often inspired by the movement of the dancer.

An exploratory and attentive frame of mind is applied to improve the participants' understanding of their own bodies and the range of their movements, to make their movements stronger, easier and more authentic, and to learn to experience music through more than one sense. The impressions and memories evoked by the music and the motions bring an autobiographical level to the course activities.

Live musical accompaniment is provided by musicians Laura Kokko and Juho Kanervo. The instructor and the musicians have collaborated previously in the workgroup that created the multi-disciplinary performance R.I.P. – Rest in Peace. All three are interested in working in the area between different forms of art and exploring styles, genres and combinations.

Musician Laura Kokko has worked as a violinist in the Lahti Symphony Orchestra since 2005. She has also performed actively as a chamber musician (in Turku Music Festival, Katrina kammarmusik, Klang, Sinfonia Lahti Chamber Ensemble and others) and worked as the artistic director of the Volter Kilpi Literary Festival (2010–2013). Kokko studies philosophy and literature in the University of Turku and the baroque violin in the Novia University of Applied Sciences.

Juho Kanervo is a cellist and electric bass player originally from Juankoski. He studies music pedagogy in the Sibelius Academy and works as a music instructor and freelance musician (Saimaa, Laura Närhi, Yona, Sagolik, Pepe Willberg). His aim is to focus on the moment and the dialogue with the other musician as well as space and time through his music. Classical music, jazz and free improvisation are closest to his heart, but he enjoys all kinds of music and art without genre restrictions.

Friday 30 September at 18-20.30
Saturday 1 October at 10-14
Sunday 2 October at 10-14
Availability is limited, so sign up in time.