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Open DanceSPACE: performance + talk // RESONANCES //

On Sunday, October 22, 4 pm @ TantsuRUUM (Eesti Tantsuagentuur, Hobujaama 12)

Open DanceSPACE: performance + talk // RESONANCES //

During past week I have participated again to a beautiful body of work with Florence Augendre, whos work I am following since 2016.
You are very welcome to reflect on and talk about a live movement and sound performance, that sums up movement research masterclass by Florence Augendre “RESONANCES through parallel lives”. The open session is an extract of the week long process with Florence.

The masterclass (16,10. - 22.10. 2017) was designed for performance arts professionals, to research and articulate their own movement and body language, collectively and individually, guided by Florence Augendre proposed methodology, artistic practices and the theme of the ‘resonance of the living’. (More info about the Masterclass:
The audience can experience the performance as dialogue that transcends beyond the physical and conceptual space.

Participating performers: Maria Nurmela, Arolin Raudva, Nele Suisalu, Joanna Kalm, Mari-Liis Eskusson, Jaanika Arum, Maarja Tõnisson, Karolin Poska, Liis Vares, Rauno Zubko, Sophia Andreyev and Hello Killu (Hello Upan, Killu Sukmit)

After the performance an open talk with Florence Augendre takes place, asserting the topics of the backgrounds of the movement research laboratory, her own somatic and movement practices and performance art within the wider cultural and artistic sphere. The talk will be held in english.Florence Augendre (FR/BE) is an independent choreographic artist, author, researcher and performer who has developed her work in various artistic fields such as theater, cinema, contemporary dance, opera and visual fine-arts. She completed her education in Body-Mind Centering(R) as a certificated practitioner of Fasciapulsology (IFCC-Christian Carini), and has been studying with Catherine Shainberg (School of Images, Saphire™) for the last four years.
She has collaborated with various artists, among them Wim Vandekeybus, Meg Stuart, David Hernandez, Austrian- German group Labor GRAS, Johanne Saunier/Jim Clayburgh, Brice Leroux, Lance Gries (N.Y.), Steve Paxton, Lisa Nelson, Label Cedana, Olga de Soto, Fabrice Ramalingom, Félicette Chazerand, Koen Augustijnen, Les Ballets C de la B, Michèle Noiret, François Brice, Quanta Art, collective Les Inéluctables, Belgium team documentary collective IDOCDE, Emanuela Iacopini. For the last four years, Florence is closely collaborating with Slovenian artist and PhD.philosopher Mala Kline and Croatian performer Adriana Josipovic.She teaches in various organizations and institutions throughout Europe and continues to broadcast various artistic collaborations.

DanceSPACE – TantsuRUUM – is an environment and meeting place for local and international dance professionals. It is a collaboration and development platform launched by the Estonian Dance Agency in cooperation with the Estonian Dance Arts and Dance Education Union. The new studio is open from this autumn at the Estonian Dance Agency in Tallinn, Hobujaama 12.
Supported by: Eesti Kultuurkapital and Eesti Kultuuriministeerium.