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Maria is teaching and performing with DuVTeatern (Helsinki) in a seminar of art and disability, in G18 Helsinki

Since the Autumn 2017 Maria is collaborating with DuVTeatern. DuvTeatern is a Helsinki based theatre company established in 1999 that consists of theatre workers with and without intellectual disabilities. The company has produced its own versions of classics such as Shakespear’s Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet, Chekhov’s Three Sisters, a children’s play based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm and a version of Bizet’s opera Carmen in collaboration with the Finnish National Opera.

DuvTeatern strives to create an artistic work environment that enables mutuality and dialogue. The core of the work is the encounters between people with different backgrounds, from different art traditions, speaking different languages, people with and without disabilities.

Alongside with the artistic work issues concerning accessibility and equality in society and in the world of art are of central importance for DuvTeatern.

27.-28.11.2017 DuVTeatern will host a seminar about art and disability, where Maria is participating as a leader of dance workshop. She will as well perfrom with DuVTeatern in the production Yrkeskoreografi.

More info in Swedish:

Ett festligt seminarium om korsningen mellan konst, historia och intellektuell funktionsvariation.

TID: 28 - 29 november 2017

PLATS: G18, Georgsgatan 18, Helsingfors

Vi välkomnar dig till två dagar fyllda av föreställningar, föreläsningar, verkstäder, diskussioner och fest! Seminariet riktar sig till alla intresserade, med och utan funktionsnedsättning.