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Closer to the Wild Heart returns to Manifesti Festival (Turku) because of the popular demand!

Closer to the Wild Heart -solo performance draws a portrait of a woman between reality and fiction. The work examines themes such as invisibility and self-reinvention. As an installation-like performance it consists fleeting moments which begin and finish without a preposition of the finality.

Closer to the Wild Heart is a research project and a performance where contemporary dance, set/light design and sound design are brought in a dialogue. The project was launched by choreographer Maria Nurmela, sound designer Jaakko Vastapuu and set/light designer Kalle Ropponen and premiered in Manifesti Factory Festival in Turku in September 2016 in a joint event with German choreographer Urs Dietrich´s autobiographical solo Thalamus.

Closer to the Wild Heart lends its name from the novel Near to the Wild Heart by a Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, without being a reconstruction of it. Lispector's existential prose has given the initial spark for the crew; for their working methods as well as for their expressive and aesthetic aims. Inspired by Lispector the crew sought for dramaturgical and visual language – relentless minimalism and pure, infinite aesthetics. Also the crew aimed for detaching the work as much as possible from the theatrical apparatus and illusion to reach a certain honesty.