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Artists residence with composer/pianist Eero Hämeenniemi in Palazzo Lanza-Tomasi, Palermo

This Spring 2018 I have a priviledge to work with one of the most important Finnish composers Eero Hämeenniemi. Eero Olavi Hämeenniemi (born April 29, 1951 in Valkeakoski) is a Finnish composer, musician and writer. He is a docent and professor at the University of the Arts Helsinki. Hämeenniemi has written several books about South Indian music culture and translated Tamil poetry. Apart from writing big orchestral scores he is well known of his concert consisting free improvisation

In our residence in Palermo we are working with our creation Trasparente, based on improvized scores, both in movement and music. Music will cosist themes from Monteverdi, Gesualdi, Vivaldi, Bach. We will debut our collaborative work in Villa Lante, the Finnish Cultural Center in Rome, as part of XVII edition of L’Orecchio di Giano: Dialogues between Ancient & Modern Music.