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Susurrus in Routa Company´s residency in Generaattori Theatre, Kajaani, Finland

From Ehkä-production and Turku Susurrus crew will travel to Kajaani and continue their  process in Routa Company´s residence at Generaattori Theatre.

Generaattori is a house of performing arts situated in the center of Kajaani. Generaattori is managed by culture cooperative G-Voima. The space is shared by Routa Company, Kajaani Amateur Theater and Vaara-Collective.

ROUTA COMPANY is a professional dance production company in Kajaani, Finland. Routa´s mission is to produce, develop and enable multi-faceted and personal dance art.

As well in Routa, Susurrus is offering an open rehearsal in Generaattoti of the outcomes during 2,5 weeks residence.

Time TBC

p. 044 0556977
Generaattori, Kauppakatu 36, 87100 Kajaani