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Residency at Arts Printing House (Vilnius) with choreographer Avidan Ben giat and graphic designer Talya Weiztman

‘School for the Blind’ ‬is a Israeli-Finnish collaboration between the Choreographer Avidan Ben giat‭ (Israel), ‬the dancer Maria Nurmela (Finland) and the graphic designer‭ ‬Talya Weitzman (Israel)‭

The Idea of colliding people with different backgrounds, cultures and arts was always at the basis of every initiative they have developed so far‭. ‬Our belief is that the essence of culture is delivered right at the moment when it starts to communicate between different disciplines and people from different backgrounds‭. ‬This fundamental idea is our vision towards future projects‭, ‬and as will be described for the proposed research below‭.‬

In ‘School for the Blind‭’ we would like to research the connection between the information received by the 2-dimensional way of perceiving information compared with the 3-dimensional one. In a world where these two formats coexist and battle over attention daily, we ask which one is more real? which one takes more space in our lives? and whether or not it is possible that the observer gets more involved with reality or with its mere image?

The crew is granted with a residency in Liethuanian dance house Arts Printing House 18.2.-3.3.2019. in Vilnius.