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Maria´s Solo Closer to the Wild Heart selected as part of the official programm to Kedja / STRECH 2019 Turku

Stretch 2019 Turku is held on 17–20.10.2019 in Turku, Finland.

The theme for this international encounter for dance professionals is Expanding Professionalism. It addresses professional practices of dance artists now and in the future, international work and sustainability, the possibilities of residences ja the relationship between art and the societal context.

As part of the official performane programm…

Maria Nurmela: Closer to the Wild Heart
Thu 17th / A secret underground location, meeting place tbc

Closer to the Wild Heart received its name from the novel Near to the Wild Heart by a Brazilian author Clarice Lispector, without being a reconstruction of it. Lispector’s existential prose has served as the initial spark for the crew; for their working methods as well as for their expressive and aesthetic aims. Inspired by Lispector, the crew sought out to create a dramaturgical and visual language – relentless minimalism and pure, infinite aesthetics. The crew also aimed to detach the work  from the theatrical apparatus and illusion, in order to achieve a certain honesty. All design elements are built on an sustainable operating system that is powered from a standard household power-outlet.

The solo performance draws a portrait of a woman between reality and fiction. The work examines the themes of invisibility and self-reinvention. As an installation-like performance, it consists of fleeting moments that begin and end without claims of finality.

Concept/choreography: Maria Nurmela / Set/light design: Kalle Ropponen / Sound: Jaakko Vastapuu / Mentoring: Liisa Pentti, Tarja Härkönen (about Clarice Lispector) / Production: Maria Nurmela / Co-production: Manifesti Factory Festival 2016 / Katja Lehmussaari / Premiere: 16.9.2016
Teaser [Vimeo]
Maria Nurmela

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