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Susurrus in Ehkä-production´s residency in Turku (Finland). PART 1.

Susurrus project (Renae Shadler, Maria Nurmela, Kalle Ropponen, Sam Hertz) is thrilled to be invited to two artist residencies this time to Turku to Ehkä Productions residence at the contemporary art spape Kutomo, as well in Routa Company´s residence in Generaattori Theatre in Kajaani.

The residency in Turku will be devided in 2 parts: PART 1 16.7.-23.7.2018. PART 2 8.8.-12.8.2018. In between time the crew will be working in Routa Company´s residency in Generaattori Theatre, Kajaani. See next event.


Turku based Ehkä-production facilitates and produces works and projects of independent dance and performance artists, groups and collectives. Since 2009 Ehkä has ran the contemporary art space Kutomo where performances, events, workshops and classes from different art fields are organized year round. Among other things, the activity of Ehkä-production consists of dance productions, XS festival for dance and performance, and Pieni contemporary art festival for children.

The annual program of artist-run Kutomo is formed through different routes: informal proposals, open calls, and through collaboration with different partners. From September 2016 on the main choices of the program of Kutomo is made by Ehkä-production’s artistic group Mira Kautto, Maija Mustonen, Maija Reeta Raumanni, Masi Tiitta and Anna Torkkel. Raumanni and Torkkel are in charge of the coordination and managing of the activities and planning the content in general.

Ehkä was founded in 2004 by dance artist Anna Torkkel and performance artist Tashi Iwaoka. Ehkä-production and Kutomo are administered by the Dance and Performance Art Association Ehkä, a non-profit association registered in 2007.

About Susurrus:

‘Susurrus’ is a site-responsive and immersive performance that aims to enhance ecological perception through sound, movement, language and sustainable design.

In ‘Susurrus’ the adaptive and interactive sound design by Sam Herzt (US) will be joined by leading Finnish designer, Kalle Ropponen who will build a sustainable design apparatus. The performers, Renae Shadler and Maria Nurmela, will oscillate between efforted movement states that work through the topography of the body and fluid states influenced by somatic practice. They will engage in dream state writing that further layers the space with new understandings. All elements will intermingle to create a sensual journey that is alternately humorous, tragic, moving and provocative encouraging audiences to sense their embeddedness within the biosphere.

Choreography & Performance:
Renae Shadler
Maria Nurmela

Light design / Set design: Kalle Ropponen
Sound design: Sam Hertz

Saturday, 11.08.2018, in Turku. Time and place will confirmed

Contact: ehkatuotanto(at)